Christmas lights are the easiest, Just fill and plug the contacts and the GFI's won't Blow when it rains..
Wipe off the excess, Not greasy or goopy. Rain or Snow and your plugs will be water tight.
Assembled Outdoor Christmas Light Plug Waterproofed with STUF Dielectric Grease Filler
Filling outdoor light cord plugs with dielectric grease keep out rain. Grease removes easily when you pack your lights away with no greasy residue.
Putting Dielectric Grease on the female end of an outdoor extention cord
Put a blop or a bead of filler over the contact holes.
Filling a 20 Amp marine shore power cord extention cord with Dielectric Grease before assembly for waterproofing
Plugs are easy: Just fill slots and assemble
Outdoor extention cord filled with STUF dielectric filler for waterproofing and re-opened to see how it fills.
Just fill the female sockets and assemble the cords
A blop of Dielectric filler grease before assembling to weatherproof
Put in enough Dielectric Grease Filler to fill all the voids.
A dab of Dielectric grease to close the unused christmas light sockets and weatherproof the cord
Wipe off the excess and it's waterproof for the yard and rain.
A weatherproofed outdoor extention cord after  wiping off the excess dielectric filler grease
Non-Greasy Dielectric Waterproofer for Outdoor Christmas Light Cords & Plugs
dielectric grease for waterproofing outdoor christmas / holiday lights cords and plugs
STUF Dielectric Grease Paste Filler Tube
On extension cords: A few pea sized beads over the female electrical ports and plug in the cord, Wipe off the excess.
On marine shore power cords and RV Hook-Ups ; Generous blobs over the female socket ports and plug in the power cord.
Apply beads of STUF paste over the female electrical slots and assemble the plug.
A little on you finger quickly fills the unused slots. It will repel the rain and keep your plugs dry and working properly.
Clean off the excess. The consistancy is a bit like fluffy cream and later becomes a soft clay like material.
Often the first bit of paste out of a fresh tube is oily, Squeeze the first bit out and discard it .
STUF is a High Purity Dielectric Filler which forms a non-greasy, moisture barrier which cleans up easily.

Unlike Silicone Grease, STUF is cleaner and neater with no greasy residue. It works well on all types of outdoor electrical connection water problems. A foam like paste which transforms into a clay like filler.
An Excellent way to protect marine shore and RV power hook- up cords and plugs from weather and corrosion causing overheating plug failure. The anti-corrosion oils in STUF crawl over the electrical contacts within the plug and help keep the contact surfaces shiney and new.
Your outdoor holiday lights won't short out everytime it rains or snows and pop the GFI breaker.
Dielectric Grease for Waterproofing Outdoor Christmas / Holiday Light Cords and Plugs
Protecting Marine Shore Power and RV Power Cord Plugs from Weather, Moisture and Corrosion.
Protecting Marine Shore Power and RV Power Cord Plugs from Weather, Moisture and Corrosion.