Maximizing coaxial connector life saves callbacks :
System Reliability  =  Time & Money Saved.
Wrap Tapes, Shrink Tubing and Overcoats are good but all coaxial connectors have internal air spaces as well as machined surfaces which provide paths and voids for eventual moisture migration and collection.  
Outdoor moisture creeps into the close matching connector surfaces by capillary action and with temperature changes; the air within the connector voids, expand and contract; breathing moisture in and depositing it within the connector. 
Moisture in powered coaxial system connectors will cause electrolytic acid formation and rapid connector breakdown.  
Overwraps are great but do not eliminate places for moisture to collect, they are not perfect, over time. moisture will eventually accumulate.
STUF fills and occupies all these internal air spaces and micro-voids within the connector where moisture can collect.
STUF is a Highly Viscous, High Purity, Low Density Dielectric; STUF will not interfere with signal or electrical throughput, while providing internal connector corrosion protection throughout cable life.
WHAT IS STUF :  Used by professionals in the communications industry since 1993.
STUF is a Ultra low density all dielectric paste specifically formulated to simulate the dielectric properties of coaxial cable core : ( Foamed Polyethelene )
STUF does not harden or dry out but forms into a Ultra low density clay like filling material.
STUF is a mixture of:             S.T.U.F.:   Silica, Teflon, Unionizing, Filler
Glass Microspheres: Micron sized hollow glass microspheres to lower dielectric density.
Submicron Teflon Powders: Soft, high performance dielectic to occupy spaces between the glass microspheres. 
Polyalphaolephins:  Oils to provide an oxygen barrier and make the mixture visious.
Corrosion / Acid blocking additives: Provides corrosion protection for connection parts.
This paste mixture when compressed within a coaxial connector extrudes into all the interior voids and micro channels within the connector. The viscious oils migrate ahead of the Glass Microsphere -Teflon solids and creep into connector threads and rear cable braiding leaving a Ultra-low density pure dielectric, clay like substance occupying all internal voids.
How to use STUF Dielectric filler grease to weather protect  Outdoor Coax Coaxial Antenna connectors from weather, moisture and corrosion.